This year's World Theater Day finds theatrical stages closed all over the world and pandemic to cover artists, technicians and those who live from the art of theater.

World Theater Day is the annual celebration of the international theatrical community, from 1961, when it premiered at the initiative of the International Theater Institute.

It is celebrated every year on 27 March, with theatrical events and other theater-related events, organized by the national departments of the International Theater Institute, a non-governmental organization that brings together theater professionals and works closely with UNESCO.

The first message for this day was written by Jean Cocteau and every year an internationally recognized theater personality undertakes to write the message which read in all theaters around the world.

Every year a theater person undertakes to write a message about the celebration related to the theater, which is usually read on scene by an actress in all theaters before her scheduled show 27 of March.

This year's message (2015) is signed by the famous English actress Ellen Mirren and is as follows:

“We are going through a very difficult time for live performances and
many artists, technicians, craftsmen and women compete in one
profession that was already precarious.

Perhaps this persistent insecurity has enabled them to
survive this pandemic with intelligence and courage.

Their imagination has already been transformed in these new conditions
in inventive, entertaining and moving ways
communication, which is of course largely due to