Visit the magical “Blue Lake” of Greece (video)

Exploring the natural beauties of Greece is always a special treat, as you often come across unimaginable hidden gems. Sometimes, these spots are only an hour’s drive or so away from the capital, such as in the case of the idyllic lake of Thapsa in Euboea.  Located just 2.5 hours away from Athens it is truly a sight to behold, which is why it has been dubbed Greece’s “Blue Lake”.

It is probably one of the most inaccessible beaches in Euboea but once you get there it well worth it. The fact that the landscape is so hard to reach is the main reason it has remained unspoilt and pristine.

The mountain slope winds down to the sea with the trees virtually touching the green waters.

How to get to Thapsa beach, next to Athens
To reach Thapsa beach, the “Blue Lake” of Greece, the route is not difficult, except for the descent. The distance from Athens is 2.5 hours and can be reached via Chalkida. Starting from there you head towards Kymi and take the road to Konistres continuing on to the village of Maletiani. You stay on the Kymi-Metochi road until you turn right at a dirt road for Tsilaro beach. These last 10 kilometres are the most difficult part of the trip. But the destination will be rewarding.

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video courtesy of YouTube channel tasp21

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