Visit the Greek island in the 100 most impressive list in the world (video)

Ios was recently included in the list of the most impressive islands in the world on the news site The lauds the island recommending it unreservedly for holidays.

As the piece underlines, the small Cycladic island emits a unique aura, while the wild nightlife it offers its youthful visitors also takes a special place in the article.

Ios was also featured in a multi-page tribute to the Italian magazine Dove entitled “Greece, we will be back soon!”.

Ios is situated halfway between Naxos and Santorini and offers a unique experience to its visitors, which is why the tourists keep coming back for more. With beautiful beaches, many attractions, good food, and hospitality, the island has everything you want to enjoy an unforgettable time.

It strikes the perfect harmony between its cosmopolitan character and a calmer side for those who want more isolation and peace and quiet.

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The visitor will find organised beaches and plenty of beach bars, while those seeking a more peaceful vacation, there are the wonderful serene alleys and cafes with traditional architecture to sit back and sip a Greek coffee in an idyllic spot. In the evening, for a change of pace, you can hit the town and enjoy the vivid nightlife of the island.

Don’t miss the view from Chora, which stretches amphitheatrically on the hill that dominates the island and provides an incredible view of the Aegean Sea.

The beach you should definitely check out is Mylopotas. You will not regret it. The perfect point to experience the magical sunset is Panagia the Gremiotissa. Built at a prominent location, it dominates the hill high in Chora.

video credit: YouTube channel LuxurIOS Island Experience

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