Visit enchanting Anthochori to travel into a fantasy world

Imposing mountains, hidden trails, and majestic paths are some of the elements that will transport you to an enchanting atmosphere in Anthochori (flower village). Add to that the amazing arched bridges over fast-flowing rivers, with stone-banked gorges among plane trees, and with lofty waterfalls, coupled with authentic traditional food and Anthochori becomes the hotel destination place you’ll want to keep returning to throughout the year.

To reach the village starting from Athens or any other city in southern Greece, you’ll pass by Karditsa and continue towards Mouzaki. You’ll pass the narrow spot that Pamisos river crosses, and head upwards towards the village Kriopigi (former name Zeretsi) and, after 2 km, you’ll be in Anthochori, that used to be named Floretsi.

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