The short film by Artemis Anastasiadou, entitled “Vancouver” was selected in the Generation Kplus section 100 of the Berlinale. Two brothers, a spell, wounded landscapes and an inevitable escape. “Vancouver”, a daily immigration story, will become the chronicle of an disappearance.

The film will have its international premiere at this year's Berlinale, and in particular in the Generation Kplus program, which is aimed primarily at children and young people. This is an emblematic European festival, where films for children and young people are dynamically highlighted, to take their way to the circuit of the world's children and youth film festivals.

From Thessaloniki to Berlin

Artemis Anastasiadou is a screenwriter and director from Thessaloniki. He studied Theater at Aristotle University and Film Directing at the University of Texas at Austin. Her previous short film, “I am Mackenzie”, premiered and won the Texas Short Film Award for Best Short Film at SXSW 2019, as well as the Tonia Marketaki Award at the Drama Short Film Festival. “I am Mackenzie” has been screened internationally at more than 250 festivals, among them at BFI and POFF Black Nights.

“Vancouver” is the first film to be shot in the Greek countryside and follows a neo-realist approach. Artemis Anastasiadou worked in Aliveri, Evia, using amateur actors and incorporating the landscape, local legends and the reality of the place in her narrative. The film examines issues such as brotherly love, loss, immigration, unemployment and environmental pollution in the region of Greece, through the eyes of an eleven-year-old girl.

Artemis Anastasiadou writes about the selection of her film by the Berlinale: “They say that every film has the ideal festival for its premiere. I could not have imagined a more suitable section from the Berlinale Generation for the international premiere of “Vancouver”. Huge honor for the film, smiles, restrained enthusiasm and just joy, joy, joy that we were invited to this historic festival. It means acknowledging that we have managed to make a feature film about the childhood experience, which tells the story with the simplicity and purity with which children approach the world, without being gifted and moralizing. On a more practical level, the selection of the film in this section, one of the oldest and most pioneering of its kind, I believe will bring the film into contact with other festivals and platforms interested in similar content. The realization that this film had to be written and seen with respect through the eyes of a little girl, came when we participated (and won) in the 2nd Creative Pitching Lab of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2021). Since then, the festival has been our helper at all levels of production and promotion of the film, and we thank it very much. “

The film had its Greek premiere at Drama Short Film Festival in September , where he won a Special Jury Prize and an Honorary Distinction for Best Male Performance ( Vassilis Koutsogiannis), while he also participated in his competition program 35 of the International Olympia Film Festival for Children and Youth ().