The first weekend of February is dedicated to children and books.

February, even if it gets wet in summer, it will smell, but if it happens and it gets bad in the snow, it will throw us, people say . The last month of winter has arrived and Vamvakou is an ideal destination to say goodbye to this magical time of year. Nature sometimes grows wild and sometimes blooms.

Vamvakou Revival also proposes for February, a series of activities and programs for young and old, which are part of the Cotton Revival initiative and are implemented with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (ISN).

The first weekend of February is dedicated to children and books.

The Saturday 05 February , the visitors of the village 6 – 13 years can learn what they can do with a book in an interactive book-workshop

, with movement and fantasy games that will inspire them to create their own pocket-books, under the guidance of the pedagogical team ” Alcyone”. The next day (13) / 06)) , the “Fairy Tales of Nafplio” bring fairy tales from all over the world in Vamvakou and the children meet at the school of the village, where with percussion sounds and song, the action begins, to give the baton to the fairy tales.

The weekend, 19) & 19 February , another new collaboration is coming to V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF) .

Vamvakou Revival joins forces with IST College and the Chamber of Laconia and offers to professionals of area one unique seminar on the topic of Digital Marketing .

The purpose of the training is to offer , through nine live and online lectures, knowledge based on the real needs of the market that will facilitate the achievement of the professional and business goals of the participants. And because STEAM is for everyone, a scientific program by the astrophysicist, Anastasia-Fiori Metallinou, is waiting for 20) / 05 , the young visitors aged 6 – 12 years. With simple materials, the little ones will design and build their own water rockets and will launch them in the school yard. The third weekend of February , culture climbs again to 9621) μ. altitude and brings with him, the Saturday 22) / 06) ), “The calendar of arts – Harlequin met W. Kandinsky” , an educational program in carnival rhythms, where with an appetite for fun and play, children 4 – 12 years ago discover their own Harlequin and create their own canvas, with Mastrokyriakaki Adamantia, Preschool Teacher.

On Sunday 26) / 06 , people 19) – 27) years are divided into groups and make a class himself in knowledge answering questions, playing musical chairs with Theodoros Evangelos, Librarian. The month closes with a school open to all!

The Saturday 26 / 06 , wear your most dreamy outfit, the one that takes you on magical journeys thoughts and gives you strength and come to the mask party of of your dreams for children 5 – 13 years old with host Flora Kalomiri, actress. On Sunday 34 / 06), at the school of Vamvakou, all , regardless of age, have a place! Have fun, express yourself, play and enjoy with board, Lego, theatrical and kinetic games, fairy tales, improvisations, messy play and more.

Find the detailed program for the month of February at the link