Undeclared squares: Second chance for thousands of property owners

It is only a matter of time before the electronic taxis platform is reactivated by December 31st, which will provide a “second chance” to thousands of property owners who wish to declare to the Municipalities “secretly” square meters of their property area, without being charged fines. and retroactive charges and surcharges for previous years and until 2019.

In this second opportunity, the only burden that will be suffered by those property owners who declare the actual area of ​​their properties will be for the period from 2020 until the submission of their application.

Interested property owners by entering the electronic platform of taxis will be able to reveal or correct the area of ​​their property, in relation to what is stated in the PPC accounts.

According to the amendment voted in the Parliament, the total of all kinds of fees and fines is deleted until December 31, 2019, for the differences of square meters of the surface of the real estate that will arise for the obligors.

The new regulation does not include the declaration of non-powered properties, in order to be exempted from the municipal fees for cleaning and lighting.

Those interested in submitting a declaration of recognition of “hidden” square meters of their real estate area can be released from the burdens of fines and retroactive until the end of 2019, however for the period from 1 January 2020 until the date of submission of the declaration, the fees corresponding to the actual square meters are paid with a fine of 20% on the amount resulting from their difference with the previous and the new data that will result from the statement of correction of the square meters of the property area.

The entry in the application will be done with the codes of TAXIS and then the owner must choose the Municipality to which the property belongs. Each property should be declared separately, after the owner selects it from the list that will appear with the declared properties.

The difference between the square meters declared in E9 and those on the basis of which the municipal fees are charged so far, will appear automatically.

The liquidation of the new declarations is expected to be completed by the competent services of the municipalities by March 31, 2022, ie within three months after the expiration of the deadline for submission of applications for recognition of “undeclared” square meters.

The debts to the municipalities that will arise from the additional square meters, will be paid by the taxpayers in 24 equal monthly installments, with a minimum monthly installment limit of the last 10 euros for individuals and 50 euros for businesses.

According to the accounts of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE), during the previous initial regulation, 60.630.700 “hidden” square meters were declared, with the result that the percentage of declared areas in the Territory increased by 35,15%.

2.710.217 declarations of property owners were submitted, corresponding to 1.869.050 electrified and 841.052 non-electrified properties. Based on the data, they corresponded to an average of 22,4 “undeclared” squares per statement.

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