Turkey: New conspiracy theories about the presence of American F-15s in Greece

The presence of 15 American F-15 fighters in Larissa, for their participation in the Castle Forge exercise, is strongly projected in the Turkish media with conspiracy theories, as the neighbors have been accustomed to lately. “Why did 15 F-15s land in Greece?” CNN Turk reports that although the multinational exercise will take place in the context of the US defense strategy in the Black Sea region, information from Greece has made it known that “American aircraft are for more than exercise”.

“Greece, which has entered into an alliance with France against Turkey, is preparing to sign a defense cooperation agreement with the United States. “Before the agreement, 15 F-15 fighter jets came to Greece for exercises and joint training activities,” Haber 3 comments.

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“The United States has sent 15 F-15s to Greece,” 24 TV reported, referring to an “alliance” aimed at harming Turkey’s interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. “Greece seeks protection from France and the United States, which intensifies black propaganda against Turkey’s efforts to defend its rights. “After the defense agreement he signed with France, the renewal of the defense agreement with the USA is proceeding, at the same time that 15 F-15 fighter jets are in Greece”, he writes.

“The United States continues to stand by Greece,” TRT Haber reported, commenting on a new “crusader alliance” against Turkey. NATO forces are taking part in the Castle Forge exercise, with the US Air Force Europe-Africa Command (USAFE-AFAFRICA) taking the lead.

According to reports, the exercise is designed to provide a dynamic partnership-focused environment that increases US commitment to collective defense in the Black Sea region, while enhancing interoperability with NATO Allies involved. (USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Canada).

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