“Turkaegean” tourism campaign tries to attract visitors to Turkey (video)

In the shades of blue, under the sun, with oriental music and the Aegean Sea at the centre…Turkey is trying to promote its industry in a video this summer.

The video, posted on the “Turkiye” YouTube channel uses the slogan “coast of happiness”, pointing to the historical importance of the area and the places that are suitable for summer getaways.

The main logo of the video is the word “Turkaegean”, with the Turkish tourist interest medium promoting the Aegean Sea as part of the Turkish summer season.

The shots of the blue Aegean dominate the video, with visitors taking dives in the turquoise waters, all summed up in the phrase “Turkaegean”.

The country’s advertising in world tourism comes amid a slump in the Turkish economy, and at a time when Ankara has accepted EU recommendations to avoid provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean to ensure a positive agenda for talks between the two sides.

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