Tsiodras attacks all those who “formulate unscientific nonsense, while they have no idea how the data is compared”

A sharp attack against all those who “formulate unscientific nonsense, while they have no idea how the data is compared” made the professor of Infectious Diseases and head of the Committee of Experts, Sotiris Tsiodras.

During his speech at an event at the University of Athens, in honor of the Greek-American professor of Medicine and Social Sciences Nikola Christakis, Mr. Tsiodras was very strict, emphasizing the need for careful and impartial evaluation of the data.

“In the first waves, we listened to the experts, we were careful, we complied with the protection rules and we did not listen to unscientific and critical views,” he said.

It focused on the European Center for Disease Prevention (ECDC) warnings of an expected outbreak of pandemic in areas with low vaccination coverage.

“The more vaccinated the population is, at 70% to 75%, the smaller the effects of the pandemic.” He added: “The more intrusive someone is, the more you have to motivate them to get vaccinated.

For his part, Mr. Christakis stressed that it would be a tragic development for the virus to escape the vaccines or become even more deadly.

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