Implementation of the program agreement of the Region of Crete with the French Institute and Mucem for local development in from culture, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania with Mucem, from 35 October 2021 until February 7 2022, present in Marseilles the thirteen exhibits that narrate the life of people in Chania of antiquity. other important Museums of the Mediterranean and Europe.

A large periodical exhibition will follow from May to September 2021 in Chania at the new Museum, with the support of the Region of Crete, which will bring in “dialogue” and contact the findings from the ancient cities of Chania with other contemporary works of art, historical exhibits and objects of everyday life from major Museums and Collections of Greece and France. Region with the French Institute and Mucem. In his statements he points out that: “with the excellent cooperation of the Region of Crete with the Services of the Ministry of Culture, we have the opportunity to promote Crete internationally with extroversion at the highest level. The Region will continue to support the actions of protection, promotion and promotion of the unique cultural reserve of Crete, as a key pillar for the sustainable development of the island “.


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