Total of 236 new Covid cases, 18 deaths and 231 in ICUs on Sunday

There were 236 new, laboratory-confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Greece over the last 24 hours, the National Organisation for Public Health announced on Sunday. Seven cases were detected by checks carried out at the country’s borders. The number of patients in ICUs was 231 during the same period (66.2 pct males), and a total of 18 new deaths attributed to SARS-Cov-2.

The additional cases bring the total number of recorded cases in Greece since the start of the pandemic to 420,905 (0.1 pct daily change), of which 51.2 pct were male. Based on confirmed cases in the last seven days, 54 are considered linked to travel from abroad and 646 to other known cases.

The median age of Covid-19 patients in ICUs is 67 years old, of which 84.4 pct have either an underlying condition or else are aged 70 years old or older. A total of 2,656 patients have been discharged from ICUs since the start of the pandemic.

The number of Covid-19 patients admitted to hospital throughout the country in the last 24 hours was 38 (daily change -17.39 pct) while the rolling daily average for the last seven days was 51 admissions. The median age of patients admitted to hospital was 43, while the median age of the patients that died of Covid-19 was 78.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been a total of 12,664 deaths attributed to Covid-19, of which 95.2 pct concerned patients with an underlying condition or who were aged 70 years or older.

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