TITAN – Acquires the first “green” long-distance truck

TITAN acquires the first LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tractor for the transport of cement within Greece. As stated in the announcement of the Group, this is a pilot action in collaboration with the company BlueFuel and the Sarakakis Business Group, with significant benefits for both competitiveness and the environment. In addition to the reduction of operating and maintenance costs, through the use of LNG in heavy vehicles, a reduction of up to 25% in CO2 emissions is achieved and at the same time the emissions of SOx (sulfur oxides) and microparticles are eliminated by 100%, while NOx emissions (nitrogen oxides) are reduced. by 80%. Another benefit, especially important in the urban environment, is the reduction of noise by 50%.

The Volvo FH LNG tractor of VOLVO TRUCKS, whose exclusive Importer and Distributor in Greece since 1950 is the Sarakakis Business Group, offers high efficiencies and reliability in long-distance transport. It has improved technical characteristics that meet the high standards in force in Europe, where the use of LNG in transport is progressing rapidly: within the EU, mainly in Italy, Germany, France and Spain, 12,000 heavy vehicles are currently powered by LNG, with the goal of reaching 280,000 heavy vehicles by 2030.

For the supply of LNG, Titan will work with BlueFuel, which combines Blue Grid know-how in the supply and distribution of LNG, with experience, geographical presence through the “ELIN” network of gas stations and the organizational strength of ELINOIL, seeking to acquire a leading position in the supply of vehicles with liquefied natural gas at the national level. BlueFuel will be able, through the network of “elin” gas stations, to start the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2022.

As the Group points out, the acquisition of the new innovative vehicle with an emphasis on neutral carbon footprint ensures the development of an environmentally responsible supply chain, which is an essential commitment in the context of its long-term goals in terms of environment, society and governance.

Respectively, the Sarakakis Business Group, for its part, takes action against global challenges such as climate change, adopting practices that focus on humans and the environment.

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