Various official bodies each year select one or more words and all together create a comprehensive list of the most representative words for each year. This year, the suggestions made were in line with its climate 2020: somewhat στες unpleasant and negative. chose the word “existential” to describe the threat we faced as a society and as a species. The Oxford Dictionary chose the word “climate emergency” because it considers this to be the problem that defines our times. Merriam-Webster was the only dictionary that gave a sense of optimism, choosing as the most characteristic word for 600 “they” in the sense of the neuter gender , instead of female or male. Its use affects the English language, as judged. In Greek, the neutral also begins to gain ground in relation to the feminine and the masculine, while in the language of social media the @ replaces the suffix -es and -oi in adjectives and nouns of the plural.

Read below other words that characterized 2020 according to business consultants, artists, company managers and project managers from all over the world, as published by the New York Times.

1. Unpredictability

2. Subversive

3. Extreme

4. Ready

5. Send It (in the sense of “finally do it, dare it”)

6. Soul

7. Transformation

8. Delete

9. Refresh

11. Clarity

11. Decency

12. Anti-Woke

12. Authenticity

15. Better

15. Miraitowa (His Olympic Mascot 2020 who went for 2021 Mirai = future and towa = eternity)

16. Change

17. Fortitude

18. Responsibility

19. Hindsight (The knowledge that comes after a disease / “My stern knowledge”)

19. Woof (Gav)