The writer Katerina Zarokosta passed away at the age of seventy.

The news of her death was announced by Petros Tatsopoulos with his post on Facebook.

The death penalty marked our syndicate. Yesterday Vassilis. Today Katerina. The most tender look of Greek prose.

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Her latest book, published a while ago, was the collection of autobiographical short stories “Stories of family madness” (published by Sokoli). Curriculum Vitae

Studied French Philology at the University of Athens and Social Psychology at ECOLE PRATIQUE DE PARIS. From 1982 to 1996) collaborated with the State Radio, initially with the DG Program of Manos Hadjidakis, and then with the AD Program, in cultural content shows. She also collaborated with the State Television (ET1), as a screenwriter (KOCHLIAS, TO KOUTI TIS PANDORA, YOUR OWN DAY), as a moderator of a discussion on a show on the problems of teenagers and adults (SMALL AND SMALL)

Bookmaker for Elle Magazine (1993 – 2004)) and in Theitia magazine.

He taught French at the ATHENS UNIVERSITY CLUB and Greek language and culture to American students to the Arcadian Center BALKAN aND MEDITERRANEAN STUDIES.

collaborated with SOUTHERN newspapers, SOUTHERN NEWS, SUNDAY Eleftherotypia – EPSILON magazine and magazines FOUR, read, tHE wORD, tHE tREE, aND LETTERS ARTS, LUNCH AND THE TEN. He was a member of the Editorial Board of the literary magazine REYMATA

He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Writers' Society. He is a member of the jury for the Athens Prize for Literature, regarding the Greek novel.



AS LONG AS THERE ARE CATS, a novel for children. Kedros 1986, Kastaniotis 1997, 3rd edition 1999.
Where cats prove to be more mature than humans, they become friends with their worst enemy and forgive those they love even if they have hurt them.

TO LEKANTO, collection of short stories, Hatzinikoli 1983 .

Eight short stories that deal, each in its own way, with the difficult love life of a woman.

TOMEK, novel, Nefeli 1996), Kastaniotis 1998.
Through his acquaintance with Madame Suzy, a famous fortune teller from Asia Minor, as well as through his love with Martha, the young Tomek (caressing Thomas in Polish), son of political refugees of the Civil War, finally finds what he wanted: a place in the world.

THE CLEAN HADI, novel, Kastaniotis 1996, 3rd edition 1998).
His decade 50, summer, smells of pine and skin. The young Artemis is divided between her love for the trumpet player of the nearby camp and the love friendship that connects her with her first cousin.

A PIECE OF HEAVEN, novel, Kastaniotis 2004), 12version 2004 .
The story of a family with a background of the last ninety years of Hellenism. 1982) – 1992. Loves under the constellation of war, family secrets, strong passions. A novel about loss, memory, hope, but also about the power of love that rises above disasters and wars.

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER, stories, Kastaniotis 2004.
Seven stories speak of this long-suffering and much-sung relationship. Mother and daughter: relationships of affection and hostility. Until the victory of one over the other. As for reconciliation. Until the last breath.

IN THE LIGHT OF NOON (IN DER SONNE DES MITAGS), short stories, bilingual edition (Greek and German), Nostos 2004.
) Even under the midday sun that floods the world with light, diminishing shadows, people and things it's not just what they show. These three short stories try to discover something hidden from that time.

OF LOVE AND LUCK, short stories, Kastaniotis 2005. Six short stories with heroes hovering between conflicting desires. And when the time of crisis arrives, who can say whether this is due to the cunning of love and luck or to the traps they set for themselves.

THE RAZI SISTERS, novel, Metaichmio 2021). This is the second novel of a diptych (the first was “A piece of heaven”) which deals with the beginning and the evolution of the life of the refugees from Asia Minor in Greece. This novel focuses mainly on the refugees from Constantinople. Among them are sisters Razi, Melpo, Teta and Hariklia who live on one bank and dream of the other. Happy days in the city before the Catastrophe, a difficult start in Greece where they were automatically turned into B-category citizens, refugees. We follow the course of each, finding out how history affects the fate of an individual. The book embraces the second generation and reaches the Metapolitism.


Marguerite Jursenar, THE CHARISTIC SHOT, Hatzinikoli 1980, 2nd edition 2004
Boris Vian, DRAKOLAS, Agra 1983

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