The illustrated storyboards for the doomed cinematic version of the classic “Dune” of the decade 1979 were sold for 2, 100 million in auction, approximately 100 times above the expected price.

The notebook with drawings for the film of the French-Chilean director, actor and comic book writer Alejandro Khodorkovsky, considered a mythical object by science fiction fans, has sparked a bidding war at Christie's in Paris, according to an article in The Guardian.

The film was set to garner great stars of the period, including Salvador Dali, Mick Jagger and Pink Floyd – but sank after four years of preparation due to lack of funding.

Christie's has admitted that in his initial estimate for the sale price of the storyboards, between 25. 000 and 35. 000 euro did not take into account the increase in interest caused by the new film starring Timothy Salame, which has reached the top in terms of ticket sales worldwide.

The drawings collected in a large notebook were created by the famous French comic book writer Moebius (pseudonym of Jean Giroud, who died in 1984) and the Swiss illustrator Giger, who worked on the film “Alien” 1979 and died 2014.

Except for Daly and Jagger , the “Dune” project was also to include veteran Hollywood legends Orson Welles and Gloria Swanson in the cast, with Pink Floyd among the bands approached for the soundtrack.

The intellectual child of the author Frank Herbert, the novel “Dune” was first published in 1965 and became a six-volume space opera with a huge influence, mainly in the “Star Wars” franchise.

After the latter's box office success, Hollywood became interested in “Dune” again in the early 1990s 1979.

This led to the film version of David Leeds, which was released on 1984 with a cast that included British musician Sting and Patrick Stewart of “Star Trek: Next Generation”

Khodorkovsky's storyboards are said to have influenced later successes of the genre, including the film “Blade Runner”.


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