The Scandinavian travel media “vote” Greece for the summer

The publications with proposals for Greek tourist destinations in the travel media of Scandinavia are increasing.

In fact, in collaboration with the municipality of Skopelos, three major international tributes were published. The informative website of the journalist Alexandra Paschalidou, which has a great impact in Sweden, proposes Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Skopelos and Parga as the dream destinations for honeymoon and weddings in Greece.

Especially for Skopelos, the article urges Swedes to get married on the beautiful island, following in the footsteps of the romantic movie Mamma Mia.

In addition, the wider tourist areas of Magnesia are suggested by the Swedish travel magazine RES, as the most suitable Greek destinations to welcome tourists in the coming summer. According to RES, Skopelos stands out as one of the first places for its incomparable natural beauty, the breathtaking view and the emerald waters.

Then Finland followed giving a “vote of confidence” on the island of Mamma Mia. The Wedding Magazine HAAT (WEDDING) presented in its print and online edition, a multi-page report in which Skopelos is proposed among the ideal wedding destinations in Greece. In parallel with the above, the newspaper Expressen, published an extensive list of the 21 best Greek islands and highlighted, among other things, the natural charm and beaches of Skopelos.

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“Skopelos’ inclusion in the proposals and tributes of leading media proves the great dynamics of the destination that declares itself safe and ready to welcome tourists, highlights the strong need and tendency of Scandinavians who look forward to ‘relax’ restrictions and travel to Greece in summer and justifies the choices of the municipality to promote nature – safety – quality”, said the chairwoman of the tourism committee of the municipality of Skopelos, Ioanna Efstathiou.

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