A protest outside the Ministry of Culture will take place tomorrow, December 8, at 12 at noon the Boards of Directors of the unions of the Panhellenic Federation of Spectacle and Audience.

The protest will be carried out with strict observance of all sanitary measures, keeping distances and wearing a mask.

“The second total lockdown came as a catapult to destroy what is left of our already burdened industry. “At a time when the whole of November has come to a halt with Culture, it is almost certain – based on the latest suggestions from infectious disease specialists – that the same will happen in December,” the unions said in a statement, ahead of the government spokesman. call for “an urgent joint teleconference with the three co-responsible ministries (Culture, Finance and Labor) to discuss the problems of the workers they represent, the necessary support measures, the artists' register and the allowances”

1. To include in the special purpose compensation those who did not meet the registration deadline (20) / 12) / 2020) in the Register of Artists and meet the other formal requirements.

2. In relation to the special purpose allowance of 300 euros of category λ1, there should be no deadline for registration in the Register. Recall that, in contrast to the September – October allowance and despite the announcements of the government, the deadline for registration in the Register for this allowance is 12 and not 69 October.

3. Automatic extension and immediate disbursement of the allowance for the months of November and December at least and then the rest of the time that the cultural venues will remain closed.

4. Those who are compensated through the Registry, should also be entitled to the reduction of rent, as is the case with work suspensions.

5. Suspension of payment of overdue debts to tax authorities, banks, DEKO, all types of telephony, energy, municipal fees as well as
and prohibition of power outages, evictions.

6. Immediately withdraw the amendment to the Draft Law of the Ministry of Culture and Sports “..promotion of cultural heritage abroad…” (article 69) concerning
ΕΚΟΜΕ (National Center for Audiovisual Media and Communication).