The German singer Krista Ludwig, who is considered one of the biggest voices of his second half 20 century, died on Saturday at the age of 93, broadcast today by the Austrian news agency APA.

The soprano mezzo, which was born in Berlin, lived in a suburb of Vienna.

He entered the Vienna Opera in 1955, appeared at the Salzburg Festival under the direction of the Austrian conductor Carl Bem.

Christa Ludwig triumphed on the biggest stages, performing mainly at the La Scala in Milan, at the Royal Opera House in London but also at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Under the direction of great conductors such as Otto Kleberer, Herbert von Karajan, Carl Bem and Leonard Bernstein, the soprano mezzo performed on the most important stages in the world for almost half a century, between 1955 and 1972, the year she retired due to her retirement.

The opera singer was honored with the Legion of Honor 2010 for the whole of her career. = emb_title

After a first marriage to the Austrian baritone Walter Berry, the 1972 married the French actor and director Paul-Emile Deber, who died in 2011.