Telegraph: Greek Cruise in the 34 top adventures for 2021

Cruising the Greek islands is among the Telegraph’s top 34 picks for the best travel adventures worth experiencing in 2021.

Ranked 15th, the British newspaper suggests a cruise to the Dodecanese and Cyclades in the spring with a visit to Santorini, Delos, Astypalea, and other islands that combine archeological sites, beautiful ports, and secret beaches.

See the top adventures suggested by the Telegraph for 2021 …

1. Escape to Dubai

2. Sunny Cuba

3. Exploring Chile

4. Rest in Madeira

5. Work in Morocco

6. Lockdown at St Lucia

7. Offer in Africa

8. Touring all over Africa

9. Finding happiness in Bhutan

10. Trekking in the Canaries

11. Time to play in Costa Rica

12. Exploration of the United Kingdom

13. Escape to Albania

14. Follow the Silk Road in Central Asia

15. Cruise in Greece

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