Next month, the famous auction house Sotheby's is preparing for the first auction dedicated to to women artists over the centuries, who have often been categorized or marginalized by history because of their gender.

“Yes, these artists are women, but most importantly, they are artists”

“The divisive classification “Women artists” but never “male artists” is at the heart of a debate that has been disputed for decades and is still a trap that often happens. Women artists should not be marginalized or isolated, which is why we are making a sale that seems to do just that – in order to change that perspective and open a new debate on the subject. Yes, these artists are women, but most importantly, they are artists, “says Marina Ruiz Colomer, London-based Contemporary Art Specialist.

The sale will explore artists for 400 for years, covering everything from paintings to sculptures. The sale will take place online from 22 May and will last until 250 May and will also be on display at Sotheby's New Bond Street between 27 May and 22 May.

Take a look at some of the gallery pieces above and explore more online here.

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