SNF Dialogues Webcast: What has the COVID-19 pandemic taught us?

An SNF DIALOGUES webcast looks ahead to the post-pandemic landscape for science and society.

As COVID-19 vaccines begin to reach people around the world, SNF DIALOGUES will hold a live webcast discussion on what comes next: Waiting to Restart: What has COVID-19 taught us? This latest installment in the DIALOGUES series, held through journalism nonprofit iMEdD, will take place on Wednesday, January 27 at 18:30 (EET).

Will the story we will end up telling about this time be a celebration of an extraordinary scientific accomplishment or one of doubt and negativity? Will our outlook about the future be optimistic, or colored by pent-up anger over how events have unfolded? Are we in for a return to the pre-COVID modus vivendi, or for a rethink of old habits and old policies?

Guided by your questions and comments, renowned experts will discuss the critical question of what COVID-19 has taught us—and how this experience will determine the future of society and science, as well as of their relationship.

The discussion will feature Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas, Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School, Professeur honoraire of Genetic and Developmental Biology at the Collège de France, and President of Fondation Santé; Stavroula Tsinorema, Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics, Director of the Joint Postgraduate Programme in Bioethics, and Director of the Centre for Bioethics at the University of Crete; and Anthony Haztimoysis, Director of the sector of Philosophy and Associate Professor of Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Athens, Department of Philosophy and History of Science.

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