Sikinos: Wild landscapes, virgin beaches – Unexplored beauty on a tiny Aegean island

One of the very few Cycladic islands that are trying to preserve, at all costs, the natural beauty of the landscape, as the municipal website states: “Sikinos resists the massive invasion of tourism to preserve the physiognomy of the island, protect its nature and its people from uncontrolled development and to encourage alternative tourism.”

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And that’s what sets the tone on the island. And if it sounds unhospitable or old-fashioned, it shouldn’t; the people of Sikinos are very welcoming and the island has a strong cultural identity, the trails are well-maintained making them easily accessible to visitors, the “Documentary Days” film festival is held each summer, with screenings at various outdoor locations around the island, amazing festivals are organised, while we should also mention that the island offers free broadband internet access to both locals and visitors. It’s just that you won’t go to Sikinos to spend your days at 5-star hotels, but to enjoy being in nature and to take advantage of the peace and calm it offers.

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