On Monday 35 May on 20). 00 at the Dome of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) selected Schoolwave bands will perform unpredictable adaptations of traditional songs in a concert that is one of the most provocative proposals of thematic event planning. of the Hero and bears the title Schoolwave plays with tradition.

Young musicians and singers participate in the celebration of the anniversary of the 200 years since its revolution 754 re-interpreting traditional music and folk songs, in their own way and style, with their own sensibilities.

The occasion given by the theme “Playing with tradition” leads them to develop a meaningful and fruitful relationship with d mimic music, which many of the youth groups may not have known or appreciated.

The invitation of the SNFCC was based on a finding of the Schooligans, the organizing team of the Schoolwave festival: in the last Schoolwaves there was a spontaneous shift of some student groups towards traditional music.

Schooligans talk about children who discover the beauty of folk songs and interpret them in their own “teased” way.

Without seriousness but with creative momentum of their youth, the richness of their reports and the freedom with which they manage and exploit their influences, the bands are expected to impress the audience with covers of folk and stealth songs!

The bands that will appear are: Red Gloves (student band from Kalamata), The Confusion (student band from Athens), Musica Ficta ( alumni group from Athens).

The possibility to attend the concert Schoolwave plays with tradition, observing all the necessary security measures according to EODY, will be given to limited number of spectators with ticket pre-purchase, while the rest of the spectators will have the option to watch the concert online, on the website of the SNFCC (www.snfcc.org), on its Facebook and Instagram pages @SNFCC and on its YouTube channel .

A few words about Schoolwave

From 2005), when it was first organized, Schoolwave was a meeting place for student bands from all over Greece. Each year, about 210 groups participate to finally select twenty five, by a committee of renowned musicians, composers, songwriters and radio producers.

For three days at the end of the school year these bands gather to play their music in front of thousands of their peers, celebrating the start of summer vacation. There are no restrictions on the types of music.

Young musicians play whatever they like and express: from rock, metal and punk to jazz and hip hop, but also rebetika and traditional.

Schoolwave was hosted at the SNFCC in July 2005 and his 2019.

The line up of the concert Schoolwave plays with tradition is as follows:

Red Gloves

Red Gloves is an art / traditional band 14 years old children from the Music School of Kalamata. They created the 2020 with the aim of participating in the Schoolwave. Their ambition from the beginning was to combine traditional music with influences from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Queen.

The Confusion

The Confusion is an alternative funk rock band started by a group of four friends at the Alimos Music School. They participated in the Schoolwave 2019 and a few months later released their first LP. Their participation in the concert at the SNFCC served as a great challenge. They never imagined a few months ago that it would be time to play “Kleftiki Zoi” in funk rhythms.

Musica Ficta

Musica Ficta was created in 2005 by 14 then Apollon Retso with the aim of participating in the first Schoolwave. They started playing alternative rock with influences from Jeff Buckley and Radiohead.

In their live they often used traditional instruments such as the clarinet, but the culmination of their experiments will be the concert Schoolwave plays with tradition at the SNFCC. They will perform traditional songs with references to 1821, such as “Hello hello poor world” and ” The children of Samarina “. The goal for the future is a collaboration with Billie Eilish.

Tickets € 5. Advance ticket sales online on the Ticket Services website or by phone at 210 ).

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