The world music scene has been plunged into mourning by death of Ronnie Bennett-Spector.

The legendary singer of the band Ronettes passed away at the age of 78 years old having given her own battle with cancer.

She was born on 10 August 1943 and grew up in New York

At the end of his decade 78 co-founded with her sister, Estelle, and their cousin, Nedra , the women's band The Ronettes. 1943 released the song “Be My Baby” and entered the map of world music.

Four years later, 1967), decided to go their separate ways. It was then that Ronnie began to live a nightmare.

She married the band's producer, Phil Spector, but he kept her imprisoned in their home and often threatened her with her life.

Eventually the singer managed to escape.

Her career continued in the following years and she collaborated with many artists.

2007 was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with the Ronettes following her 201489425).