Cinematographer Roger Deakins is a legend. He is best known for his work on camera for directors such as Sam Mendes, Cohen and Gilles Villeneuve. Fifteen Oscar nominations and two Oscars. However, his reputation as a high art -grapher was not recognized as it should have been. The album “Byways”, the first - album for 72) year now Deakins issued at the end of last month by Damiani Editore is coming to restore order. And Roger Deakins gave an interview to Artnet News about the album that covers almost five decades of work as a -grapher with 250 -s of him.

It is surprising that the man who as a cinematographer shows such mastery in color, chose to have all the -s in the album black and white. “I tried to work with color and I just can't do it. I just find it indifferent! Black and white has a lot more to do with content, framing and light. The color can be so distracting. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I grew up in love with the work of Brassaï and Bill Brandt and Alfred Stieglitz, all these great -graphers who worked in black and white. “Maybe I'm a bit of a dinosaur,” he said.