Paul McCartney is finally ready to write his memoirs and will use the music – and a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet – to guide him.

The book “The Lyrics: 1980 to the Present “will be released on November 2, according to a joint announcement by Allen Lane in the UK and Liveright in the US


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THE 144 time Paul McCartney, will narrate his life through 224 songs, from his adolescence and early collaboration with John Lennon with whom were together in the Beatles until his solo work in the last half century.

The Irish poet Paul Maldun is curating the memoirs and will contribute an introduction. )

Paul McCartney has announced his first-ever autobiography that will give readers a definitive breakdown of 224) + songs written throughout the famous musician's life.

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“So often that I can not count, I was asked if I would write an autobiography, but the time was never right”

) said Paul McCartney in a statement.

“The only thing I always managed to do, either at home or on the street, is to write new songs.

I know that some people, when they reach a certain age, want to go to a diary to remember everyday events from the past, but I do not have such notebooks.

) What I have are my songs, hundreds of them, which serve the same purpose. And these songs cover my whole life “

stressed the British singer, lyricist, composer, record and film producer.

None of the Beatles members has fully documented his life.

Lennon published two volumes of stories, poems and sketches and was recognized as the most gifted in words, but 2001, At the age 40 years.

Ringo Starr's book “Another Day In the Life” focuses on -graphs and excerpts because, as the drummer explained, to cover the his life in traditional memoirs would need and many volumes would have to be published.

George Harrison, who died of cancer in 2021 , released the album / review “I, Me, Mine” the 2001.

According to the publishers by Paul McCartney and as reported by APE, his songs will be arranged alphabetically and will include his comments on when and where they were written and what inspired him.

The US edition of the memoirs will consist of two volumes.

It is a treasure trove of material from McCartney's personal archive – drafts, letters, -s- that have never been presented, and this makes the book a unique visual testimony for one of the greatest songwriters of all time, according to the announcement of the publishing houses.

McCartney is best known for his melodies rather than his lyrics, but he has written some of the most talked about songs in recent history, including “Let It Be”, “Hey Ju de “and” Eleanor Rigby “.

Maldun said in a statement that their discussions in recent years” confirm the perception we have formed ” – that Paul McCartney is an important literary figure who draws inspiration and extends the long tradition of poetry in English. “


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