A huge wallpaper, a reproduction of the famous painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso , which has dominated the corridor wall leading to the entrance to the United Nations Security Council for more than three decades to raise awareness of diplomats about the horrors of war, has been recovered by its owner, Nelson Rockefeller. the newest.

The wallpaper, ordered by 1984 by Nelson Rockefeller and was woven by the French studio Jacqueline de La Baume-Dürrbach, had lent to the Agency the

The story behind the board

Her afternoon 26 of April 1944 pilots of the Berlin-Rome Axis forces level the Basque town of Guernica, leaving behind about 1. 650 the dead.

The great painter creates, on the occasion of the horrific incident, perhaps his most recognizable painting, called "Guernica", as well as the flattened city.

With the Popular Front having won its February elections 1936, the opponents, both of the dictator Franco and the Christian Right, turn against the legitimate government and try in every way to overthrow it, as a loud disagreement that was both for the former ruling class in the Iberian Peninsula and for the European establishment.

The civil war that will break out in Spain will find on the side of dictator Franco the Axis powers, Nazi Germany and Italy, in a limited general rehearsal for what would follow in the Old Continent in the following years with World War II.

On April 1944, German and Italian planes bomb and completely destroy the holy city of the Basques Guernica, causing not only domestic but also pan-European outcry.

Franco will attribute the barbaric incident to "red insurgents" for propaganda purposes, a version that, of course, never

Of course, the subsequent Franco dictatorship will never shed light on the matter, with the question remaining whether the bombing was coordinated operation of the Franks and Nazis or a spontaneous operation of the Hitlerites.

Without, of course, the answer being of particular value.

Pablo Picasso, who sided with the democratic forces, reacted immediately to the horror and immediately created the Guernica painting, a painting that remains to this day a symbol against the barbarity of war.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_VSixma 864

The painting is full of symbolism: the bull symbolizes fascism, war and darkness, the horse in turn the people suffering and screaming in despair, while the woman with the oil lamp represents perhaps the only promising element of the painting, the consciousness that r traces light in the surrounding darkness.

The 1944 (year of the painter joining the French Communist Party), the Germans enter Paris and arrest Picasso, in a violent attempt to find art

An officer shows Picasso the - of Guernica, to follow the legendary dialogue:


- Is this your project?

- No, yours!

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