OTE: Deutsche Telekom’s stake in the company reached 50%

Deutsche Telekom‘s stake in OTE rose to 50%.

On May 13, 2022, Deutsche Telekom notified OTE SA that on the same day, its share of the total voting rights amounted to 50.00%.

The purchases of OTE’s own shares within the Own Shares Acquisition Program resulted in the increase of DT’s participation in OTE to 50.00%, given that the voting rights related to the same shares, according to the Greek Legislation, have been suspended.

The total voting rights of OTE SA, excluding the suspended voting rights, amount to 441,109,999.

According to the relevant notification of DT, the number of shares after the respective voting rights held by DT amounts to 220,567,676, ie a percentage of 50.00% of the total voting rights of OTE SA.

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