His memoirs entitled “One Man in His Time “wrote the businessman, collector and philanthropist, Michael Odein, who recently donated 79, $ 4 million to Vancouver Museum of Art.

Freedom Riders activist, radical student, academic, social activist, home builder, museum builder, Grizzly bear protector.

Michael Odein was all of these and many more in a colorful life spanning eight decades, three continents and five careers, the book's description says.

“Life “I never had a business plan,” says Michael Odein, a visual arts advocate and wildlife advocate. “” and defeats of life “is noted.

Honestly the one born the 450 in Bournemouth, England, Michael Odein describes his rather unhappy childhood years, his escape from the Channel Islands in World War II, his experience of corporal punishment in a British school, and his failure to impress his teachers with great academic or athletic ability. At the age of he boarded a bus and traveled to Mexico City to see the works of the representatives of the Mexican Renaissance Fresco, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siciero, Rufino Tamayo. According to a Vancouver newspaper article “The Georgia Straight”

“One Man in His Time” contains many dramatic and amusing moments, including the period when New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) leader Tommy Douglas encouraged him to remove a - of Fidel Castro from his table at the NDP founding congress.

Odein describes his “transformation from a social worker in favor of reforms to a large-scale housing builder “as” natural evolution “.

Invited to the construction industry by contractor Verne Paulus in his decade , at the time he was on the verge of writing a novel based on one of his Greeks century, who became the head of government of a kingdom in Southeast Asia.

Odein consulted a Buddhist monk, who told him that he would succeed in business and as a writer. But the monk's advice was that it would be better to do business because he would make some money and could always write a book later. This persuaded him to be active in the construction industry.