On Sunday, December 6 at 50. ) the Violations, the Theatrical Analogy of the Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNFCC), continue at the Lighthouse of the SNFCC with My Thomas Bernhard Awards, directed by Hector Lygizos.

The Offenses will take place without the presence of an audience and will be broadcast live on the SNFCC website (www.snfcc.org), on its page on Facebook and on its YouTube channel. “Faces of the Hero” as it focuses on the heroes of great myths and narratives exploring the evolution of the heroic model from antiquity to the present day. of Anag (Don Quixote, Hero of Revolutions), will end up in the antiheroes of the modern world, thus attempting a peculiar narrative of human adulthood as reflected in his stories and myths.

After his Poets Aeschylus and two rhymes from Homer's Iliad, in order My Awards by the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard.

A fierce critic of petty bourgeoisie, social hypocrisy and decency, Bernhard dies prematurely , having been paradoxically honored alive with almost all the major prizes of German-language literature.

Twenty years after On his death, a small collection of short texts was published entitled My Awards, which he wrote on the occasion of his awards. With caustic humor as his main tool, Bernhardt expresses in these texts all his disgust for the artistic awards, exposing the emptiness and ridiculousness of literary institutions and bureaucrats, but also the contradictory attitude of the one who accepted the awards only for the accompanying cash prize that temporarily relieved him of his financial impasse. These enjoyable stories are complemented by his speeches at respective awards.

Articulated like the speeches of a dying man who is on his way to execution, these short speeches reveal the torturous shame and agony he experienced at the ceremonies, but also his deep embarrassment living in a a country where he always felt wronged and cut off, no matter how many honors he was given.

Bernhard and his “anti-heroic” literary universe focus on the contemporary artist's struggle in a world where fairy tales and great narratives are over. and the gods – protectors and punishers – have long been dead.

The battle is against vanity and despair – the way out is irony and cynicism. But under the wrath of a modern “misanthrope”, a deep, tender melancholy appears.

Hector Lygizos has directed works by Aeschylus, Euripides, Shakespeare, Beckett, Chekhov, Ibsen , Verdi, Zarry, Freyn, Boretz and Murray, Koumentaki, Walsh, Minyana, Matesi, Klaus, Owen, at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, at the National Theater, at the National Opera, at the Athens Opera House, at Of Letters and Arts, at K.Th.B.E., at the Amore Theater, at the Neos Kosmos Theater, at the Chora Theater, at Apo Michanis, at the Kakogiannis Foundation and at Bios.

He has written and directed the great feature film The boy eats the food of the bird 2020) who participated in more than 50 International Festival and won 15 awards and distinctions, among them the award for best film from the Hellenic Film Academy. He has also written and directed the short films Agna Niata (official participation in the Venice Film Festival 2004) and Home Interior with a woman cleaning apples ( State Award 2004).

Translation: Spyros Moskovou

Directed by: Hector Lygizos

Cast: Akillas Karazisis, Giannis Papadopoulos, Hector Lygizos

Watch the Violations live at www.snfcc.org/ParabasesBernhard, as well as on the SNFCC Facebook page @SNFCC and its YouTube channel on Sunday 15) / 12 at 17.12).