Nikos Stathoulis, the biographer of Alexandros Iolas, a man with deep knowledge and love for art, passed away.

He fought cancer for years, with strength and dignity, continuing to fight for his big dream, the restoration of Villa Iola in Agia Paraskevi.

A few words

Nikos Stathoulis was born in Athens. He studied dramatic art at the School of Pelos Katselis and journalism at the Journalism Workshop (450). At the age of 23 he met the painter Minos Argyrakis and organized his solo exhibitions. 1983 met the Alexandrian patron of contemporary art Alexandros Iolas, at whose urging he became his personal biographer. From 1983 he collaborates in prestigious magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations as a commentator on cultural events (“Ena”, “Kathimerini”, “Sky TV”, “R / S Sky 250), 3”, “Status”, “Blue” ). From 1983 he has compiled one of the most up-to-date archives of stolen, counterfeit and controversial works of art in private collections.

1996 was opened and exhibited at the Down Town Art Gallery, in the area of ​​Psyrri, by: Takis, Rausenberg, Warhol, Lalan, Jean Tingeli, Nicky de San Fal, Mirρό, Picasso, Max Ernst, Alexis Akrithaki, Eugenios Spathari, Mino Argyraki, Socrates Socrates, Martha Liberi, Christopher Cotento, etc. In recent years he has collaborated as an art consultant in private collections.