Nikos Oikonomopoulos: Faith and hospital staff are helping me recover from COVID-19

Singer Nikos Oikonomopoulos has attributed his Greek Orthodox faith and hospital staff to his recovery from COVID-19.

He said on his Facebook that wanted “to thank from the bottom of my heart the medical and nursing staff, as well as the Evangelismos hospital for their medical contribution, for their humanity.”

The singer said that they had helped him the most to overcome the illness as painlessly as possible.

“Although COVID-19 treatment is distinguished for its loneliness, I did not feel alone for a moment.

“I had the company of my Faith, my family and my friends who kept me sober and replenished me with all the energy that the fever ‘stole’ from me in order to overcome this ordeal.

“The thousands of messages of support I received illuminated the days I spent in the hospital bed. They accompanied me on the nights when sleep did not come and made me feel a shiver of emotion.

“A big thank you to each and every one of you, who spent a few moments of your daily life to stand by me.

“I wish you all well and God take care of you.

“With sincere appreciation and respect.”

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