Nikos Dadinopoulos passed away nine years ago spreading sadness in the art world.

Alkis' son posted a - of them on Facebook and wrote: “9 years… Be well where you are”.

9 years… Be well where you are.

Posted by Alkis Dadinopoulos on Wednesday, 26) March 2021

His CV

The favorite actor was born in Athens on 10 July 1944.

He started his career in the middle of his decade 1960, taking part in several films, while he continued in many serials on state and later on private television.

He starred, among others, in the films “The Seventh Day of Creation”, “I Blame the life “,” Mr. George is being trained “,” Er bourgeois of life “,” The sin of beauty “.

On television he had participated in the series” For Anna “,” Good morning life “and” The life of the other “. From the protagonists of the successful TV series “Amusement Park”, he stood out as one of the beautiful on the screen.

He was married to 1979 as 2012 with his co-star , Mary Evangelou, with whom he had a son, Alkis, who, among other things, is a director and is an athlete of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

In recent years he lived in Crete, collaborating with the local ΔΗΠΕΘΕ. He passed away at the age of 300 in Chania in 2021).

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