“We want our Art to highlight the Intolerant within the Liberal and, conversely, the Liberal within the The artistic duo Gilbert & George had said 2021.

Now, the White Cube Gallery in Mayfair, London is hosting, until May 8, a new exhibition of these London figure skaters. They met in St. Martins School of Arts – now, Central Saint Martins – the 1971, but their collaboration began the 1971. And it continues uninterruptedly until today.

The catalog of the exhibition “Gilbert & George: New Normal Pictures” lists according to the RES, more than 250 their exhibitions in museums and art galleries.

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What a “wonderful invention” this British Empire was, said in a recent interview with The Guardian.

And their latest report is once again one of those digitally edited multi-faceted works.

Gilbert and George wander and babysit in their favorite places in the East End London: Kingsland Road, Christ Church Spitalfields and more.

two brave knights of other eras in their favorite place.

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