Seven years of activity are completed by the active association for the preservation and promotion of the Mount Athos heritage with the distinctive title “Meteora Lithopolis” and based in Kalambaka.

The preservation and promotion of the Mount Athos meteorological heritage and the general national and spiritual tradition of our people, is one of the main purposes of the association, as well as the support in every legal way to the Monastic Center of Agios Meteora for the preservation of its traditional, spiritual, monastic, cultural and national radiance as a stronghold of Orthodoxy and Romanism and an ark of our national traditions.

The purposes are still the promotion of the Agiometeorite spiritual heritage in Greece and the rest of Greece. people. The wider promotion and promotion of the special religious character of Meteora as a monastic state, but at the same time as a leading archaeological site-active monument for Hellenism, etc. The association and its members in no case interfere in the internal life of the monastic fraternities of Agios Meteoras.

Speaking to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, the president of the Association Grigoris Kalyvas, emphasizes that Meteora and the wider area They have invaluable wealth and of course, he adds, we will be careful about our general attitude towards all those who tend to alter the characteristics that nature and its inhabitants have given as a valuable legacy and that we must protect as the apple of our eye to inherit and we in turn to the next generations. Meteora, he concludes, is a geophysical phenomenon of unique beauty and harmony, a place of prayer and worship and at the same time a historical, cultural, cultural, artistic, architectural and spiritual wealth of inestimable value for our region, Greece and Orthodoxy. but also the whole world, are its miles (its dowries).

According to the basic principles of the association “Meteora Lithopolis”, the Mount Athos Monastic Community and in general the content of the Mount Athos heritage become ambassadors of Orthodoxy, Hellenism, education, ideals and culture in Worldwide. It is this microcosm that every visitor will take with them as a living taste and indelible memory from our country, but also as a meaning of life, which as a nation and as a people we experience and represent.

This important testimony of the Monastic State is also honored and protected by UNESCO, which recognizes that “Meteora is an important example of exchange of human values, due to the thousands of people who visit from all over the world and admire the unique monastic architecture, iconography and relics, but also the remarkable monumental character of the archeological site and the natural landscape “.

” The frequent reports and tributes made by the international media, on the one hand contribute to the tourist promotion of the place that hosts the meteoric stone forest and on the other hand, prove that we live in the shadow of a monument of nature and culture that is protected as a monument of world of food, culture and natural heritage by UNESCO, something that increases our responsibility to protect it from anything that alters it “, concludes the president of the Association