Madwalk celebrates 10 years with spectacular fashion and music (VIDEOS)

Madwalk celebrates 10 years with spectacular fashion

MadWalk 2020 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project, was a smashing hit.

The prestigious event which brings music and fashion together, aired on MEGA over the weekend.

This year due to the pandemic, there was no audience, however every television viewer had front row seats.

Greek model Vicky Kaya presented this year’s show which was sponsored by Serkova Crystal Pure.

Popular singers from Greece and abroad joined forces with leading designers and fashion brands to please the ‘virual’ crowd with their original creations and uplifting tunes.

At MadWalk 2020 by Serkova Crystal Pure – The Fashion Music Project, viewers enjoyed, in order of appearance:
  • World Champion Gymnastics Team 2017 “The wolves”
  • Barbara Argyrou & Archolekas – Xmas Medley
  • Demy in an impressive duet with FY performed “Στα Κόκκινα”
  • Tamta performed “Hold On” on the catwalk of Sotiris Georgiou
  • Vlospa on the catwalk of Dimitris Petrou performed the songs of “Big Moves & R.U.E”
  • Ian Stratis performed “The Rockafeller Skank” on a special catwalk by MINI Electric, which was presented by Evelyn Kazantzoglou
  • Elena Tsagrinou, Cyprus’ Eurovision 2021 singer also performed. She covered “Be My Lover” – the 1995 hit from German-American Eurodance group La Bouche
  • On the catwalk of Deux Hommes, Koni Metaxa and Tassos Xiarchos performed a mash up of “Roses” and “Live or Die”
  • Anastasios Rammos with the song “Watermelon Sugar” accompanied the catwalk 5226 by Celia Kritharioti
  • Ivi Adamou for Vassilis Zoulias sung “Sklava”
  • Eleni Foureira shined in the creations of Celia Kritharioti performing “Light it Up”, her recent international hit released by Panik Records

And for the sensational closing act… Giorgos Mazonakis performed his hits “Τόσα Βράδια” and “Αγαπώ σημαίνει”.

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