Lesvos migrant tragedy: The boat with the migrants arrived in Greek territorial waters escorted by Turkish fishing boats


While the search and rescue operation continues in Lesvos, there is an important development from the affidavits of the migrants, as they report that their boat arrived in Greek territorial waters, accompanied by Turkish fishing boats.

As they claim, when they sailed from the Turkish coast, they were accompanied by two or three Turkish fishing boats which had flanked them and cut off the wind and strong waves.

Thus, they could not fully understand they were on rough sea.

When they arrived – as the Greek authorities estimate – near the Greek territorial waters, the Turkish fishing boats left leaving the boat alone.

Then, as the migrants describe, panic prevailed after they were faced with huge waves and the boat sank 100 meters before the shore.

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In the meantime, on the other incident in Kythira, the search for the 10 missing migrants who fell into the sea after the wreck of the sailboat that illegally transported them to Italy, along with 80 other people who have been rescued, continues for the second day.

However, it seems that the adverse weather conditions are hindering the investigations which are in progress.

Of the 80 rescued, 55 are men, seven women and 18 children.

The 79 rescued are from Afghanistan and one Syrian.

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