Landslide beneath building crashes down into apartments as heavy rain batters Venezuela

Video has captured the moment of a landslide beneath a building in Venezuela, as heavy rains triggered floods across the country.

Footage shows the ground collapsing and crashing into an apartment block in Caracas, as a westbound tropical storm wrought chaos.

One resident, Anderson Silva, said a contention wall gave way after days of major downpours.

He and his partner, Isabel Peña, rushed into their home to grab the few things they could, fearing the rest of the building would collapse.

“I knew something awful had fallen, because it was a first fall, then another second fall. Then (we had to) run out,” said Ms Peña.

The storm is now classed as a tropical depression with a high probability of becoming a hurricane, according to the Meteorology Institute.

Meanwhile, in Falcon state a river overflowed leaving dozens of houses damaged by water.

Betzabeth Colina, of Colina municipality, said she had lost everything.

“But thank God we are alive,” she said.

“That is the important thing. The material (things), you always recover.”

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