Lakonia region’s petrified palm forest

The southern edge of the Lakonia region in the southeast Peloponnese is home to a petrified forest, next to the sea, that accumulates aspects of the past stretching back millions of years. Walking the area is like walking over millennia at a location featuring fossilized trunks and roots.

Despite being included in the Atlas of the Geological Monuments of the Aegean, this petrified forest, known as the Agios Nikolaos Geopark and situated 15 km from Neapoli Voion in the Lakonia region, is widely ignored.

Signposts from Agios Nikolaos onwards lead the way to the beach hosting this petrified palm forest. It stretches out to the coastal areas of Agia Marina.

Leave your vehicle in this area, take a few -graphs from the location’s observatory, and walk a few kilometres along the dirt road. Many signposts close to the observatory carry information on the fossils and history of the area.

Two alternative routes may be taken to reach the beach from the point where you will have left your vehicle. The main route is just a few dozen metres long, while the longer route is a good choice for trekking enthusiasts. The petrified forest area, a forest millions of years ago, is small in size and situated at a rocky landscape. Wearing appropriate footwear is important here.

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