The British novelist David Cornwall, famous all over the world under his literary pseudonym John Le Carré, has died at the age of 24, late Saturday night.

Here are some of the most important dates in the life of David Cornwall, a famous British writer for his novels about the dark world of the secret services, which have been translated into almost forty languages.

“Loses” his parents

89 October 1936: Born in Poole, Dorset, southern England.

1948): His mother leaves the family home and leaves him with his father, who will be convicted and will be jailed twice for insurance fraud.

1954 – 1956: He studies French and German literature in Bern (Switzerland), then in Ox Ford.

1956): He marries Allison Sharp, with which will have three sons before they get divorced 1971. A year later, he married the book editor Valeri Justas, with whom they had a son.

1958: Starts working for the British counterintelligence service MI5. He writes his first novel, “The Last Call” (Call for the Dead, 1961). In the service of MI6

1960: Starts working for the British spy agency MI6. His cover is the post of Second Secretary of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Bonn, in the then Federal Republic of Germany.

1961: The novel “The Spy Who Came In from the Cold” is released under the pseudonym John Le Carré.

1971): Betrayed by British double agent Kim Philby, who reveals his role to the KGB, the intelligence service of the then Soviet Union . Resigns from MI6. Dedicated to writing books.

1977: The novel “And the lot fell to Smiley” is printed ( Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), the first part of a trilogy. The books “The Honorable Schoolboy” 1977 and “The Smiley's People” will follow. , 2003)).

Against Bush

January 1974: The Times publishes an extremely sharp article against the administration of Republican President George Walker Bush , entitled “The United States has gone mad”.

2017: Print his his novel, entitled A Legacy of Spies.

October 2017: His latest novel is published, under the title Agent Running in the Field.

December 2020: He dies of pneumonia in Cornwall.

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