The Stavros Foundation Cultural Center Niarchos (SNFCC) and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts hold an exhibition entitled Hero Faces presented simultaneously in Athens and New York and is the inaugural event of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation-Lincoln Center Agora initiative.

Student projects from the High School Of Fine Arts in Athens and the Parsons School of Design in New York exploring the meaning and course of “hero” and “heroism” in history – an issue that has gained new importance in the time of COVID – 30) – are presented until 35 September with free admission for the public in the external public spaces of the two organizations.

The event is organized through the donation of of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (ISN), in the framework of the SNF-Lincoln Center Agora (SNF-LC) initiative, a partnership that redefines and reactivates cultural involvement in the public space through the “Twin Agoras” (“Twin Agoras”) at the SNFCC and the Lincoln Center.

For their participation in the exhibition Faces of the Hero, students and recent graduates of the two Schools had to submit works with their own interpretations of heroism or heroic forms, from the past to the present.

The jury consisting of representatives of all four organizations and specifically:

Nikos Tranos, ASKT Professor, ASKT Rector

George Kazazi, Professor of ASKT

Maria Veronica San Martin, artist and educator

Lydia Matthews, Professor of Visual Culture, Parsons School of Design / The New School

Julia Foulkes, Prof. teacher, Department of History, Parsons School of Design / The New School

Gabriella Triantafylli, Director of Planning and Production, SNFCC

select the 30 Projects – 19 from each city – presented.

The works of Greek artists are:

Antonopoulos Christos, Stin afaneia

Kafantari Niovi, Horses Inside Horse (after Delacroix)

Barbari – Beka Konstantina, Exceed

Papadopoulou Anna, BOULOUBINA

Papadopoulou Kalliroi – Eleni / Kallia, Nikiforos Mandilaras amid violent episodes in the trial of Aspidas

Papadouraki Eleftheria, Fragments

Papalexi Liana Eleni, White hero

Pavlidou Despina / Depi, The end of the shift

Stylianidou Panagiota / Giouli, Upfall

Chytas Dimitrios / Tzimis, Helmets II

The works of American artists are:

Adamyan Arpi, The Island Orphanage

Bright Layo, Adebisi III

Economides Nicole, Revisiting the Hero

Garcia Caroline, Rebolusyon (Queen of the Carabao)

Jacobsson Santo, Community Power

Kim Joo Paulina, Kuruta

Lee Josephine, Signs in Another Language (series)

Quiles Bonilla Kevin, Carryover (Blue tarp at Chelsea Piers) [after Sylvia Rivera]

Sun Chuyi, Madam Pang

Winters Isaiah, Reverend Hathaway

Selected works , which cover a wide range of arts and techniques (painting, sculpture, mixed media, -graphy, collage, video, text-based art) and have been -graphed for the needs of the exhibition, in an abstract or documentary way, the interpretation of artists for important moments of history, as well as for fragments of modern society and public discourse.