Greek passport in the top 10 strongest in the world

The “top 10” of the strongest passports remains almost unchanged this year, according to the report of the “Henley Passport Index” which has been publishing the annuall list of the strongest passports in the world since 2006.

Japan tops the list again this year, with its passport offering visa-free or visa-free access to 193 destinations worldwide.

Singapore remains in second place (with 192 destinations) and South Korea is in third place along with Germany (with a score of 191).

The ranking finds Greece in 8th place along with Norway, the Czech Republic, and Malta.

The report does not take into account the temporary travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

However, the report states that in the first quarter of 2021, international mobility reached only 12% of pre-coronavirus data, which means that even with a strong passport, travelling around the world was a difficult task.

A detailed list of 10 countries with the strongest passports:

Japan (193 destinations)
Singapore (192 destinations)
Germany, South Korea (191 destinations)
Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain (190 destinations)
Austria, Denmark (189 destinations)
France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden (188 destinations)
Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA (187 destinations)
Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Norway (186 destinations)
Australia, Canada (185 destinations)
Hungary (184 destinations)

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