Greek islands in top 12 dream destinations for 2021

The Greek islands are among the 12 dream destinations all travellers should include on their bucket list for 2021, according to British newspaper Mirror.

These 12 destinations are worth focusing on for travelers for 2021, whether they are looking for unique life experiences or inspiration for their next vacation.

The Greek islands, according to the Mirror, offer very different holiday experiences, which is why they are so popular with the preferences of their visitors who return to them again and again for their holidays.

Families prefer Rhodes and Crete as the islands have plenty of all inclusive hotels and activities for everyone. Corfu offers a relaxing holiday experience, Mykonos attracts people looking for intense fun and Santorini couples for romantic getaways.

The other destinations suggested are Costa Rica, Norway, Japan, Malta, Canada, Italy, South Africa, Jamaica, Thailand, Peru and the Canary Islands.

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