Greece’s Digital Governance Ministry announces new apps to reduce red tape

Greece's Digital Governance Ministry announces new apps to reduce red tapeMaking the daily life of the citizens easier and improving the quality of their life

Greece’s Digital Governance Ministry is expected to implement the following new digital applications in the coming weeks in order to make the daily life of the citizens easier and to improve the quality of their life, ANA reports.

1. Trials register. As Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis has already announced, special emphasis is placed on the field of justice. Next week, the digital application for the courts will be ready, which will enable citizens to have access to the trial register in real-time.

2. Documents for the baptism of a child and its name registry. All the required documents that the parents need to gather either to baptize their child or register its name will be provided online.

3. Telepsychiatry services. As part of the telemedicine that has already been announced by the minister, free teleconsulting on mental health issues will be offered through a specific platform.

4. Property transfers.

5. Setting up sole proprietorship companies. Digitizing and simplifying the procedure, cutting down on bureaucracy, and supporting businessmen.

6. Consensual divorce. The whole process will be done via an application on the internet. What is foreseen is that the two parties, through an attorney, will be able to electronically dissolve their marriage within 10 days.

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