Greece wins first prize at the International Robotics Olympiad for young people

Greece won a gold award at the International Robotics Olympiad for young people.

Iris Angelopoulou, Vasiliki Iliadi, and Christos Rentzis, from the PlaisioBots team, were awarded the top prize for creating a “smart” white cane for the blind.

The white walking cane is fitted with a 3-D detection sensor placed inside it which can alert the user of obstacles in their path. It can also “determine” red and green traffic lights, allowing users a safe crossing.

“We hope our invention will help millions of people and improve their lives,” says Rentzis.

The team, which was brought together and sponsored by Plaisio, one of the largest technology outlets in Greece, worked closely together all throughout the pandemic.

It was coached by world robotics champion Dialekti Athina Voutyrakou and assisted by Iason Somoglou.

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