Greece sets eyes on winter tourism from France

Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias is in Paris in an effort to promote Greek tourism. “We have broken one record after another, visitors even for October will be high,” said Vassilis Kikilias, during the official inauguration of the Top Resa tourist exhibition in Paris.

“Our goal is not only to continue this excellent effort for 2022 but we are also strategically aiming at the alternative tourism we can offer in October, Christmas, February, and Easter when the French have school holidays and can travel”, he added.

“The French have 16 weeks of holiday for their children, 8 in the summer months and another 8 in autumn, winter, and spring.”

“In the context of the Double Campaign we will do with the EOT for the 2022 tourist product, our targeting is to take advantage of school holidays and attract quality tourism, high-level, increase income and create jobs, during these winter months, which revenue is not what we have in the summer months.”

“I wish all the best for all our exhibitors and I think that with a program, planning, and strategy we will manage to increase our product, and to make it better for the benefit of the Middle Greek family.”

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