Google & Koala study: Americans look to Greece for post-pandemic vacations in 2021


After Americans were barred entry in 2020 as the world’s hottest COVID-19 spot, they are seen to be keen to get to Greece this year for vacations if allowed and the pandemic ends or winds down enough to make it safe.

While the vaccination program in the US is facing even greater shortages than in Greece, where it’s also far behind schedule, online searches over the last six months monitored by Google and analyzed by web travel marketplace Koala show Greece the favored destination, said Kathimerini newspaper.

Americans represent a big part of the Greece tourism market, especially Greek-Americans who couldn’t get to see their homeland or families when they were left out of a safe arrivals list.

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When it comes to European destinations, Greece is the most-searched-for country, accounting for about 247,000 searches in that period by US users, with Iceland a surprising second with 189,000 searches, the paper said.

Koala commented that “it appears many have their eyes set on the birthplace of democracy, with ancient historical roots and magnificent temples,” not to mention sun, sand, beaches, islands, food, and famous hospitality.

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