German Tourism industry cautious about Covid-19 travel certificate, DW reports

The German tourism industry appeared highly cautious about a recent proposal put forward by Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis for the introduction of a vaccination certificate for travellers withing the EU, according to a report published in DW.

German tourism corporations seem to reject in principle the proposal a vaccination certificate to “facilitate the free movement of people vaccinated against Covid-19”, arguing that there can those vaccinated should not be afforded “special privileges”.

Reducing travel to benefit those vaccinated is “the wrong political path, especially as there are no vaccines available to everyone,” said Michael Frenzel, president of the Federal Association of German Tourism Economics BTW.

In statements to the newspapers of the journalistic group Funke, he points out that in the worst case, “freedom through a health certificate for the vaccinated would lead to a travel ban for the unvaccinated”.

The president of the German Tourist Association DRV Norbert Fiebig also appeared quite cautious about the Greek proposal. In his statements to the same media group, he described the discussion about possible benefits for vaccinated people at this stage as “very theoretical”, as on the one hand it will take a long time until all those who wish to be vaccinated and on the other hand it has not been clarified yet if vaccinated people can transmit the virus to others.

Meanwhile, Manfred Weber, the Leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament expressed positive sentiments to the idea.

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