“I have the stand they say. I do many things, I do not know how to do anymore. I may exaggerate, I may do a lot, but that is the goal. I want to find good songs where I do not care if the person who writes them or any other secular critique is famous. I am interested in keeping good songs behind us and giving joy to people. “

This is what George Dalaras said, in his interview on the show” Between Serious and Funny “on Thema Radio.

George Dalaras referred to his last two works that were released recently and specifically to the work “The Place of Silence” to music by Andreas Katsigiannis, lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou, Eleni Fotakis, Alexandros Fotinos and poetry by Frich Nietzsche, which is included in this work, as well as in the “Cassette of Melody”, in which there are timeless selections from old successes of George Dalaras.

“It is my soul” mentioned characteristics for the specific choices during his interview.

“I seek God in the unknown”

Speaking of Mount Athos , which is associated with the work “The Place of Silence”, said: “It is a beautiful place, untouched. Culture enters there with tolls, space is protected. It is worth visiting and it is a pity that women can not go. It should, but these are the principles and the tradition “.

Regarding his participation in the project, he stated:” I had several reasons to do this. Katsigiannis is a great musician and friend. One of the reasons is that we wanted these songs not to have a religious character, but a secular character and to parallel the life of a man who is forced to be or chooses to be a “monk”, a symbolic word. A monk in the crowd. “

He also clarified his position in relation to his religious approach, stating:” I am not a religious person. I try as hard as I can to be earthly. I look up, but in a free way without accepting the imposition of either dogmas or perceptions. I seek God in the unknown and in what surrounds us and we can not clarify it in words, neither the theologians nor the scientists. We are still trying “.

He explained another reason for his participation in this project, stating:” I entered with a pure heart because Lina Nikolakopoulou wrote amazing words together with Eleni Fotaki and the Mount Athos poet Alexandros Fotinos . ”

For the work“ The Place of Silence ”

He also referred to the poem of Nietzsche, saying: “Nietzsche is the one who seeks God and is the most atheist of all. There is this contradiction that you understand when you listen to the song. ” you have to break ears, he replied that: “There will always be voices that will break ears. One of them was Jesus, later Spinoza, shortly before him Voltaire, Giordano Bruno. People who with their sacrifice and greatness stood against the darkness and totalitarianism of periods that bloodied the world in the name of God “.

He also explained that another reason for his participation was the resurrection of Athoniada school. Specifically, he states:

“Going to Mount Athos I saw the wreckage of the Athoniada school. It was the university of Mount Athos, the Academy, which was burned 1821 by the Turks during the period of polygenesis. Rigas Feraios, Eugenios Voulgaris, Anthimos Gazis, who was also the president of the school, studied there. We have a place that in those years, the difficult years, functioned as a lighthouse. For me, this club, Maximos Graikos, is trying to invite or create an incentive for people to volunteer to help re-establish, in the rebuilding of this school, I consider it very important.

He also referred to the second performer Jonathan Jackson with very flattering words pointing out his great talent but also the possibility of Andreas Katsigiannis through the participation of Jonathan Jackson to open new horizons: “A very nice young man based in America, actor and singer sings the compositions of a Andreas through cinematic orchestration. Jonathan is a philhellene, he likes Greece, he loves Greece “.

” The melody tends to disappear “

Speaking about the second work “The Cassette of Melody” he remarked: “In the age when we live with the speeds and the chaotic environment that we have, music can hardly stand, what we call our own music. Is there ours and yours? I'm not sure. I have always believed that music is a thing in its complexity, but there is an audience that is fanatical and I think this crunch, the sieve of the world with the many years something that is to endure will keep it. Something that has only a temporary duration will be forgotten. Because in the years to come the melody tends to disappear, because we live in a very technologically tough time, the speeds are difficult, the rhythms and sounds are mechanical, mechanical, iron, the lyrics and the poetry may have lost ground and now we are talking with rhymes, we rap, not that they are bad and that's because the world has a revolutionary tendency and is doing well, but we are somehow obliged to follow, until we leave, what we loved and what our generation loved ” .

Also, for the selection and publication of “The Cassette of Melody” he stated, according to protothema.gr: “It is something we always do. Besides, your father Giorgos (Hatzi) knows it well “, talking about his favorite collaborator Giannis Hatzis who with the sounds of percussion was next to Giorgos Dalaras for many years. “We asked people what they wanted to hear and we did it. That's how it started. I got these songs, we went into the studio, I always said I'm missing something here, I'm missing something there, let's put it! So we made a new record and the strange thing is that while the companies were not willing, MINOS, as soon as it heard the songs, said “these are interesting” and I want to thank them for what they did “.

The initial reservations

Describing his initial reservations he states “In the beginning I said the same things again, I do not like the sound, but then I realized that I can make a collection of songs that can have my soul inside. That is, to have things from the past. You will see that not even half of them are my songs. I tried to find something, I carved this trunk in the corner of my mind and I put out some songs here and there. I did the same with “When will you receive this letter”, I did the same with “Good luck wherever you go”, the old years with “I came tonight to your stairs”. It's something I do all the time because I love the old singers, the old Greek song, I consider all these great teachers from Marko Vamvakaris and Tsitsanis and the whole company to Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, Xarchakos, Markopoulos Akis Panou, Christos Nikolopoulos all those who I have sung Kougioumetzis, Loizos and, I do not let when I have the opportunity to say something to say and I did that to them. “

With great pleasure he thanked his contributors and collaborators who contributed to the realization of this work with great generosity, something that characterizes him as the director Costas Gavras pointed out in a unique way in the past.

“It is a rock with a cannon “

Wanting to emphasize the beautiful performance of the song” You deserved a better hug “by his collaborators at the urging of George Hatzi, characteristically stated: “It is a rock with a cannon” and continued saying “We are Belcado fans” clarifying in this way the musical identity and the style of the selected songs. “Whatever the melody will prevail despite our technological frame, the melody will never leave people's daily lives. Man needs it. With it he calms and sweetens his life “.

Closing the interview and after a question addressed to him by Christos Aidonis, using as a reason a verse from a poem by the beloved Vassos Lyssaridis, friend of George Dalaras, if he has untouchables who oppress him, he said: “We all have people. Some dare to admit it and some do not. It is human nature. It is no coincidence that the ancient literature has set the search for Ithaca as a milestone. An important element is this hopeful message that no matter what we go through today, there is something tomorrow. This was what enlightened and armed the souls of the people in the great revolutions. Because life and man without revolution do not count. Man is praiseworthy for the revolutions he makes “.